Friday, June 4, 2010

Some links - I know, again

We're all about to leave for the CSTE Annual Conference in Portland, OR. So there's not too much time for a full blog post.

However, here are some links for some plane reading:
  • A May MMWR article discusses attitudes toward mental illness. It's an interesting read. Hopefully the public will give more well-needed sympathy to those suffering from mental illness after more attention is given to the subject.
  • Jerome Groopman discusses toxic chemicals in a recent New Yorker article.
  • You may have already seen this NY Times article about salt.
  • Ah, how to allocate the huge pot of cash from the health care reform law to the public health community? Is there such thing as too much money? Robert Gould discusses in Kaiser Health News.
  • This is a long report, but the executive summary of this GAO report about food safety weaknesses should prove to be interesting.
Happy reading!