Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pesiticides and Parkinson's Disease

Chronic Neurologic Diseases get spotlighted every once in a while in society's current events. We have Michael J Fox who has found new life since his diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease, a debilitating disorder of the central nervous system. We also have Jack Bauer in Fox's 24 who has contracted Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease from the Starkwood bio-weapon. It's a shame that these diseases only become real when someone we know or someone we see on TV is affected.

Research and policy implementation, sometimes unfortunately, must follow the general public's fears and desires, and overcome the industrial forces that are against exposure of the truth (pun intended). A recent article has been a long time coming: Pesticides linked to Parkinson's The connection between pesticides and Parkinson's was suspected long ago but epidemiologic research today gives facts and figures that strengthen this association to warrant lawful regulation of potentially harmful chemicals such as Maneb or Paraquat: Link.

Q: How much longer will it take for action to be taken?
A: Is smoking actually bad for your health?

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