Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can foreclosures cause public health problems?

What a cool article!
The gist of it: foreclosures = abandoned homes = neglected swimming pools = standing water = mosquitoes = increased incidence of West Nile Virus. What a connection to make.

Other possible public health problems that might result from foreclosures:
- Environmental toxin exposures as homes sit and are neglected.
- Mental health concerns stemming from homeowner stress. (A fact sheet about mental health & public health, another fact sheet, and an article.)
- Injuries from neighborhood kids playing around the foreclosed house.

Any other ideas?

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  1. Hi! I like your blog, keep up the good work =)

    In response to this post I was thinking maybe

    foreclosures => people in financial crunch => people sacrificing more for the sake of housing => people sacrificing in terms of healthcare and nutrition, etc..

    I'm no epidemiologist, but my 2c. -sam