Friday, August 21, 2009


I know, you're saying "More links? Write a real article!" Well, there are just so many interesting links, I can't help myself.
  • The Wall Street Journal reports that H1N1 (we are not calling it swine flu anymore, people!) may affect businesses and the workplace with people out sick. CSTE is heavily involved in putting together a Continuity of Operations plan so that we can carry on our work tasks while at home if needed. Talk to your employer about it!
  • The 2009 Flu Vaccination Challenge - the beginning of flu season means the beginning of the flu challenge, a campaign to raise vaccination rates among health care workers. The podcast linked to on this page features Dr. William Schaffner, a great speaker!
  • There is a new vaccine being developed for norovirus, very interesting. This vaccine stems from the tobacco plant; plant-based vaccines can be developed more quickly and therefore get to the public more quickly.
  • A new study in Science (as reported here in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution) indicates that students and parents should get the H1N1 vaccine first, so that those most likely to get the virus are protected. The current guidance is for those who are most likely to be hit hard by the virus to be vaccinated first. An interesting debate.
  • This article reports on a new finding that individuals enrolled in the food stamp program are more likely to gain weight. One of the recommendations of the study is that there be economic incentives for food stamp recipients to buy healthier foods.

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