Monday, October 12, 2009

H1N1 self-assessment tool

There is a new self-assessment tools for H1N1 that seem quite interesting.

Emory University and Microsoft have come out with one self-evaluation tool. This tool assesses whether the user has H1N1 or another virus. The user is asked, at the end of the assessment, if he or she would like to submit the data to Emory for research purposes. It will be interesting to follow-up and see how the data are used. Here is the privacy statement that talks about how the data are used if submitted. Once symptom and basic demographic info is entered, the assessment is given.

When I entered my fake data, the tool told me "you probably don't have the flu, but you may be sick from something else" and told me to go to my physician if I am worried about my health. It then gave me resources to find more information. also houses this self-evaluation tool.

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