Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A couple links for the day

  1. This article discusses a newly-developed pandemic planning tool that will help health officials "quickly analyze pandemics and craft better response strategies." The author also says, "these results could be valuable in developing an aggressive preventive strategy and deciding how best to use limited resources."
  2. Second, the health world today is discussing a new study that shows the overuse of CT scans can lead to cancer deaths, says this article. "Widespread overuse of CT scans and variations in radiation doses caused by different machines... are subjecting patients to high radiation doses that will ultimately lead to tens of thousands of new cancer cases and deaths," says the study. The article emphasizes that the risk for any one individual is relatively small, but the overall risk for the population is much larger.
  3. Finally, in breaking news from the NYT, a million doses of infant H1N1 vaccine have been recalled, apparently because they are slightly less potent than recommended. Unfortunately, this slip-up will probably mean even more negative publicity for the vaccine and for public health. Oh, boy.

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