Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Links for the week

The Kaiser Family Foundation reports results from a survey that show Americans find the HIV epidemic less urgent, even after the latest incidence estimate showed that more people than previously thought are contracting the virus each year. Interesting results - one would think public pressure to do something about the HIV epidemic would be even higher, but it's not.

Generally, public health is important! If you're reading this, the concept is nothing new - I'm preaching to the proverbial choir. This article brings home the point once again. Epidemiology and surveillance, clean water, disease treatment and prevention, food safety, and more. The author, Valerie Bassett, puts this very eloquently: "Who needs public health? We all do. Every resident of the Commonwealth - whether aware of it or not - relies on a strong, functioning public health system - a system that is greatly endangered. Without public health, there is no way for the Commonwealth to succeed in education, economic growth, environmental innovation, or civic engagement."

Take a look at this article about doctor shortages. While not directly public health, it certainly has an impact on public health.

In case you haven't heard, red meat isn't good for you.

See my next post for updates on swine flu!

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