Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yet again... more swine flu news

Here are a bunch of articles about swine flu. Most of these aren't news news - nothing hot-off-the-presses. Just some background stuff and some interesting links to take a look at.

Swine flu - a primer. From

What is an epidemic? From

Just to underscore what swine flu is about - it's not a foodborne disease. You won't get it from eating pork. Not eating pork won't prevent you from getting it. (Says me, but also say the pork farmers in the U.S. as well.)

So as this outbreak has hit, we have several holes in our political leadership. The secretary of Health and Human Services has just been confirmed (Kathleen Sebelius) but the posts of CDC director and Surgeon General are still open. This article provides insight on this.

Some commentary from a New York Times blog.

And last but NOT least, how to prevent contracting swine flu? WASH YOUR HANDS. This fact sheet (with pictures, just in case you need help) is going up on my office bathroom mirror in a few minutes. For good hygiene and also for swine flu. Come on, people, wash your hands after you use the bathroom!

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